Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Get to know the QQQ's: Susan and Sharon from Ms P Designs USA

Sharon Andersen and Susan Hatcher are sisters and owners of 'Ms P Designs USA'.
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Our maiden name was 'Passmore', so that's where we came up with Ms P. We design quilting pattern and are based in the USA. So that's why we're 'Ms P Designs USA'.

We live in Houston, Texas.

Sharon is left-handed, and on the left.               Susan is right-handed, and on the right.

We've been sewing for most of our lives; we learned when we were just little girls by watching Mom and our Grandmas Passmore, who always has a project going. We both began quilting about 30 years ago, and haven't stopped since. You could say that it is kind of an obsession with us, but we'd be willing to bet that you could say that about most quilters.

The first quilt that we designed for our company was our 'Down on the Farm' quilt, pictured below. It is special to both of us because it is a reminder of our childhood on the family farm in Montana. We had lots of different animals, although not all of the animals depicted on the quilt. It was a great place to grow up, and we have lots of happy memories of spending time together and with our extended family. 

We're inspired by the world around us. Life on our planet is so diverse, and there are many interesting and beautiful animals to learn about; we've just scratched the surface with our designs so far.

Sharon has a dog (Rowdy) who keeps her walking and playing. Sharon works full time as a science teacher. She also enjoys reading, mostly mysteries and historical fiction, and baking. Susan has three grandchildren, dogs (Bella and Baxter), rabbits , and chickens. She reads, watches television, and works in her gardens in her limited spare time as an oil and gas lease analyst.

Not recently, but Sharon has a stack of pillowcases ready to donate as soon as she can find out where to take them. It is difficult to find time for charity sewing when we both have full-time jobs, but it is definitely something we plan to do when we're retired. 

We have notebooks for making lists and planning our designs. We have ideas to keep us busy for at least 4 years, but we're trying to manage our time wisely, and to pace ourselves. the process begins with Susan's animal sketches and Sharon's design(s) for the pieced offset blocks, and ends with our patterns ready to sell as digital downloads. The magic involves lots of tracing, cutting stitching, manipulating files. 

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  1. Wow you 2 are so busy! I adore your designs, so different to what you generally see out there, so full of character. Glad you joined the team!

  2. Love your designs/patterns and your story. Thanks for sharing!

  3. You two sisters add so much fun and life to the quilting world with your whimsical and your practical designs. I'm always looking forward to your next pattern reveal!
    Thanks for sharing your story.