Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Get to know the QQQ's: Carol Ann from Moose Carol Quilts

Hi! I'm Carol Ann Johnston and my shop is Moose Carol Quilts 

How did you come up with your shop name?
It was based on my email address. Moose is from my husband's nickname and Carol for me. We used to share an email.

Where do you live? 
Boise, Idaho, USA

When did you start making quilts? Or, when did you become interested in quilt-related items (fabric, patterns, etc)?
My sister got me back to sewing after I went through breast cancer treatment in 2002. She took me to a beginner quilt of the month class at a local shop.

Tell us about your first quilt or other important first in your sewing life.
My first quilt was started in 1973, a log cabin design. It took me 10 
years to finish piecing the top, as this was before rotary cutters and many other modern conveniences. I was also in the midst of having and raising two children and working full time.

What inspires you?  
Color--lots of color. I use mostly color-saturated batik fabrics in my quilts these days. I love intricate designs and I'm not afraid of complex sewing. I try to learn something new with each project

Do you have any other hobbies? Pets? A garden, kids, or volunteer activities? 
Most other hobbies have taken back seat to making quilts. I do have two dogs--Bella, a small black terrier, and Luna, a border collie and hound mix. Both were pound adoptions

Do you do any charity sewing?
I'm working on some small quilts to be donated to the Women's and Children's Alliance in Boise, a shelter for victims of domestic abuse

Running an Etsy shop means you wear many hats in one day. How do Etsy activities impact your other life activities, such as work, family, other activities?
I  manage to fit my Etsy tasks around the rest of my life. It's easier since I retired from my day job last year

How do you plan your projects?
I mostly follow the muse and sew what appeals to me. If I see a pattern I want to try, I will let it simmer in my brain for a while before I start. I use a design wall for fabric placement and planning.

Shop: MooseCarolQuilts 

Facebook: MooseCarolQuilts 
Twitter: MooseCarol


  1. Nice to get to know more about you, Carol! Always love seeing your quilts!

  2. You are fearless with your fabrics and designs - makes them over-the-top gorgeous and you have one of my favorite shops to browse. Great story!

  3. Your quilts are so beautiful, amazing use of colors. I admire you!
    Thank you for sharing your story, Carol.

  4. Love your quilts, Carol, your dogs are cuties too ��

  5. Carol, your quilts are stunning! I love your use of saturated color. And your designs are just mesmerizing to me!